Things You Should Know About Elyte Entrepreneurship Training Consult

If you have heard or yet to hear about Elyte Entrepreneurship Training Consult (ELYTETC), then you should take advantage of this information.

The today Nigerian society is filled with a large number of unemployed youths, many of whom by all means needs a means to generate income for survival and livelihood, hence willing to
venture into “anything” to make a living. On the other side are people who are hungry to take advantage of these unemployed youths, and to make a living in the expense of others’ desperate and ugly situation for their own selfish interest.

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This article doesn’t by any means aim to discredit anybody or firm, but to create a positive awareness to the public, so as to avert probable dangers ahead. In this article, you will be highlighted with things you should know about the aforementioned Elyte Entrepreneurship Training Consult (ELYTETC), sourced from an Insider. There are many of them alike, with different names, but there always will be terms like Entrepreneurship, Training and Consult.

If you have ever sourced and applied for a job on any online job platform, (such as PostJobFree, Jobberman, RecruitmentTrust, Indeed, LinkedIn, etc), then you may have unknowingly granted
them your access.

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First, you will receive an Email, inviting you for a job interview which you never applied for, then you start wondering how come. Now, I will tell you how it works, because I have been there, and had their ‘training’.

Elyte Entrepreneurship Training Consult claims to be a business development company that train people to become entrepreneurs, partners with business companies to build business alliance, involved in production of organic agricultural products, and also in production of beauty products. Now, you might be asking, “Is Elyte Entrepreneurship Training Consult real or fraud?”.

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I am a graduate of Biochemistry, from Federal University of Technology, Owerri, (FUTO), in the year 2018. After my Nation Youth Service Corps (NYSC), I hit the labour market. I have searched
for job, both online and offline, I have applied and submitted my CV in many online job platforms, including the ones I mentioned earlier.

One day, I received an Email, inviting me for a job interview at Elyte Entrepreneurship Training Consult (ELYTETC), for the position of a Business Development Associate. I started wondering how it came about, because I can’t remember applying to that company nor applying for such job
position, (wetin consyn Biochemistry with Business Development?).

The interview was scheduled to hold in Lagos, but I was in Imo state, so I ignored the message. After a month, I received the same mail again. Due to I had nothing doing, and believing in myself that I can fit in and do anything to earn a living, I decided to give it a try. I asked for my interview to be rescheduled, which was granted.

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I moved to Lagos the following week in search of “greener pastures”. Few days later, I received the Email again. First I went on internet to make research about the company, I read a lot of insights and people’s experiences with them on many platforms including NairaLand Forum, but I still decided to give it a shot because I was desperate for a job; I prepared for my interview.

On the interview day, there were over 50 people who came for the interview. Later the day, I received a text that I made it and qualified for the second interview, with a date.

See this screenshot below:

On the second day, instead of interview as the text said, we had a lecture that ran from 9:30am – 6:50pm from some of the workers and a man who identified himself as the Regional Managing Director. We were thereafter told to pay N5,000 (five thousand naira) for training
materials and a certificate which we will receive two working days later.

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The next scheduled day, we had another lecture that ran from 9:00am – 7:00pm. We were showed the organogram and payment structure of the company:
Recruit 15 – 20 persons, you earn N75,000

Develope 1 person, earn N135,000

The more people you bring; the more money you earn.
There, I understood I just got myself into a networking business which I have been running from, (because I am not good at it). We were later given the training materials (training manual, and
a textbook; The Business of The 21st Century by Robert Kiyosaki), and a certificate with our names handwritten on it with a pen. (The RMD had earlier said our names will be printed on
them and not handwritten).

Now I was wondering, why do they have to hide their business under the pretense of offering people job position of a Business Development Associate instead of telling people what exactly they do? Besides, how did they even get my mail in the first place? Now I became curious and skeptical about many things. Let’s continue.

We were then told to come the next day for training on how to recruit people. I showed up the next day, and that’s where more things unfolded.

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We were told to come up with a business name that doesn’t exist yet and add “consult” to it, we did. We created
Gmail with the name we came up with. With the Gmail, we logged into many online job platforms and post different jobs with different job titles; Sales Representatives, Receptionist,
Customer Care Service, Executive Secretary, Personal Assistant, etc and direct the applicants to send their CV to the Gmail address we just created. When the CVs are received, their names,
mails and phone numbers are collected, and submitted to the company who will then send them job invitation for the position of a Business Development Associate. (Now we understand how they got my email address).

The story of their deceit and pretense continues, all in the quest of exploiting the unemployed youths and taking advantage of their helpless situations for their own selfish interest.

With this article, I hereby call on the concerned arms government, private companies and individuals who are responsible for investigation, maintaining the tranquility and upholding the dignity of this great country in line with the securing the future of the Nigerian citizens for the
greater good.

I also want to advice other Youths out there who are job haunting, to be aware of these people, they are not what they claim to be, take action, report them to the necessary authorities.

I will make myself available to provide more information if called.

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