Strange Sickness In Kogi Has Killed 50 People

on State and Federal Ministries of Health to disentangle the reason for the strange sickness which has killed 50 people in Olamaboro Local Government Area of the state.

The House settled on the decision at Tuesday’s entire sitting in Lokoja following reception of a movement on Urgent Public Importance, raised by Anthony Ujah (APC-Olamaboro), over the unusual ailment that has guaranteed more than 50 lives.

As per the legislator, the obscure illness accompanies indications, for example, cerebral pain, red eyes, loss of hunger, powerlessness to pee or poop, spasm and passing.

Ujah said that the inhabitants of Etteh Community in the nearby government territory have been tossed into disarray by the episode of the outsider illness.

He kept up that the reason or nature of the sickness is at this point unclear, adding that contaminated people pass on inside multi week of getting the illness.

More troubling, as per him, is that all endeavors to get arrangement utilizing nearby spices and treatment at essential wellbeing places with references to centers and medical clinics in neighboring Ogugu and Okpo have been fruitless.

“The reports arriving at my body electorate office from the network chiefs affirmed that more than 50 individuals between the age of 25 and 40 years have passed on since September,” he said.

Supporting the idea, Edoko Moses Ododo (APC-Dekina/Biraidu), said that the individuals of the network now live in dread.

He said that pressing advances should be taken to spare their lives as the illness can unfavorably influence the monetary contribution of the agrarian network.

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Supporting the movement, Deputy Speaker, Ahmed Mohammed, presented that the network imparts limit to Enugu State and endeavors ought to be made to direly deflect further loss of lives.

Mohammed implored that the State Government ought to set up a Hospital in Etteh Community to forestall or handle future event of such pandemic and other wellbeing challenges.

The Speaker of the House, Prince Mathew Kolawole, later requested brief quiet out of appreciation for the expired.

He guided that a letter be shipped off the Federal Medical Center, Lokoja, for guaranteed backing and help.

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