Man Jailed Seven Years For Fraud In Ondo


An Ondo State High Court sitting in Akure has condemned one Mike Atelemo to seven years’ detainment for swindling a few people at Ode-Irele in the Irele Local Government Area of the state.

The convict was said to have cheated his casualties between June 2017 and May 2018, gathering an amount of N42.4m from them under affectations to assist them with putting resources into a “Government Empowerment Scheme” with tremendous returns toward the month’s end.

Subsequent to submitting the offense, Atelemo allegedly fled to Delta State yet was later captured and charged after the complainants requested of the Department of State Services.

He was summoned in February 2019 on 14 tallies verging on connivance, acquiring cash under affectations and pantomime however argued not liable to the charges.

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During the preliminary, 12 observers were called and they described how they were paid revenue on their first speculation however lost all their cash when they chose to “contribute enormous.”

In his judgment, Justice Samuel Bola said the convict conceded acquiring the cash from the complainants with the case of working a helpful society.

The court additionally held that the convict didn’t open any record for the agreeable society and that cash shipped off him was stopped in his own record.

The adjudicator decided that the venture was not an agreeable but rather a fake strengthening plan made to seem dependable utilizing the tag “Central Government Scheme.”

He condemned Atelemo to seven years’ detainment for scheme, seven years for getting cash under affectations and three years for pantomime.

Notwithstanding, the appointed authority decided that the sentences were to run simultaneously.

Equity Bola likewise requested Atelemo to pay the casualties all the amounts of cash because of them.

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